Public Affairs

D2D’s team focuses on helping our corporate, political, governmental, and nonprofit clients with their digital marketing, grassroots advocacy, community relations, and mobilization programs. Our wide array of resources and experienced team will carry your project or campaign across the finish line.

Land Use Community Relations:

At D2D Strategies, we’ve learned through experience that land use projects are stronger after we incorporate community input. Controversy surrounding real estate and infrastructure projects is nothing new. No matter how viable the proposal, someone is bound to object, and such opposition can derail, delay, or increase project costs exponentially. Rumors spread like wildfire when people are fearful. Controlling the narrative early on is crucial. If citizens think all their neighbors oppose a project, they are more likely to jump on the opposition bandwagon and full-blown NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) resistance will ensue.

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D2D’s outreach strategies find the suspected causes of NIMBY opposition, determine persuasive messages and concessions, and deploy the operations it takes to minimize community opposition and mobilize support, including:

  • Social Media Support
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Polling
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • Recruitment Scripts
  • Patch-Through Phone Banks
  • Coalition Management


The most effective community relations program is worthless if public opinion leaders and decision-makers are unaware of public support. The two ways to convince city hall that the public supports a project are:

  • Direct Communication from Citizens:

    Letters, emails, personal testimony at hearings, post cards, petitions, phone calls, or meetings with city council members
  • Support through the Media:

    Letters to the editor, blogs, social media, opinion articles, talk shows, etc.

Government Agency Advocacy:

D2D Strategies uses sophisticated advocacy tools to ensure that your project is received in the most favorable light possible from impartial approval boards. We create individualized decision-maker profiles for public officials and stakeholders who are germane to your project. This allows you to make key concessions and negotiate project parameters that leave everyone happy. D2D can manage all aspects of your approval hearing, including supporter mobilization and press management.

Public Opinion Research:

D2D’s opinion research can distinguish between popular messages that people merely agree with and substantive messages that convert negative attitudes into positive acceptance. Identifying the most persuadable audiences and those most crucial to project success helps you focus your resources effectively. We can identify the best communication mechanisms to get your message out to the right audience.

Ballot Qualification:

Whether you’re a candidate seeking to qualify for public office or you need voter approval for your project, D2D can help qualify your measure for the ballot, including: drafting ballot text, managing initiative qualification petition drives, recruiting support coalitions, and advocating for legislative placement.