Build Consensus & Protect Your Brand

Leave it All on the Field

Door 2 Door Canvassing:

The numbers are in. Research shows that high quality, face-to-face contact is the best tool to influence individual engagement and persuasion. But to really drive people into action, studies show that having substantive conversations is crucial. Whether it’s a campaign or development project, a call to action or polling – skilled consensus building within your community, accompanied with actionable data, is your key to victory.

Community Organization:

Too often, a handful of vocal community members can steer the outcome of a project. D2D will educate, activate, and organize the affected residents who often make up the silent majority to amplify their voice and ensure that stakeholders and project approval boards see the full picture.




Digital Canvassing:

When a multilateral approach to consensus building is necessary, going digital can really move the needle with your project or campaign’s success. However, today’s consumers increasingly ignore interruptive marketing tactics. Content-fueled digital marketing combined with IP targeting can be key to controlling the narrative. We use sophisticated geofencing techniques and targeted messaging to give your team an edge.

Government Relations:

Many project teams underestimate the difficulty of navigating the approval/permitting process necessary to bring their vision to fruition. D2D Strategies will leverage our expertise in municipal & county relations and community outreach to guide your team to victory.